Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rangers v. Hawks 11/1/10

Yeah...this post is a few days late, but I've been busy

My Personal Highlights: (since it's been a few days, they're not going to be in order)

1. By far one of the most amazing moments of my life: I met Ryan Callahan and he signed my jersey

I also met Marc Staal, Brian Boyle, Eric Christensen, and Brandon Prust (poor guy's eye is still pretty nasty looking) and Cally walked out with Girardi, Avery, and Lundqvist, but getting Cally to sign my jersey was more important than their autographs.


2. Jonathan Toews attempting to fight Brian Boyle...umm Tazer, he's a good 6 inches taller than you and prob close to 50 pounds heavier...either way, it was hilarious

3. Danny G's ability to block shots is ridiculous

4. I was shaking and almost crying when Cally didn't come out to start the 3rd, but then when I saw him assist Dubi's second goal, life was better again.

5. The intensity of the crowd at MSG

6. I actually noticed Step and he had some decent chances.  I've been torn about sending him back down to Hartford...he would get a lot more minutes there, but it wouldn't make him NHL ready as much as playing the 10 minutes per game with the Rangers.  He's adjusting, once he gets more comfortable, I think he'll play better.  I know I have high hopes for the kid, but I don't want to give up on him.

7. At one point, I turned to my friend and said "I think this is the first time that I don't find Patrick Sharp's wrister to be sexy"

Favorite Things I Tweeted:
  • For those of you who drink...take a shot any time Marc flattens Toews lol
  • Yay Dubes and that's a 7 game point streak for Favorite!
  • Why does Dubes look hurt? No bb please don't be.
  • Cally just blocked a Keith slapshot now I might cry
  • On the plus side, Steps playing pretty well...EC on the other hand...
  • Ok 3rd about figuring out what to do with rebounds?
  • Where the fuck is Ryan Callahan?!
  • And Cally's back. Such a beast
  • I'm sorry I doubted you Erik
  • Jonathan Toews just started a fight with Brian Boyle? What even lol
  • RANGERS WIN! Love you Dubes         

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