Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dear Brad.

I haven't used this blog in a while, but I feel like starting again. I will begin by sharing a collection of letters that my friend, Siobhan, and I have written to Brad Richards.

Dear Brad, please pay attention, love Derrick

Dear Brad, wake the fuck up and remember how you got your Conn Smythe <3 EVERYONE

Dear Brad, Remember what scoring goals and passing to players on your own team? Can you um, remember more quickly and get to it? K, thanks, <3 NYR fans

Dear Bradley Glen, It would be Delite-ful if you showed up to a game. <3 Your mother

Dear Brad, Remember, 60 minutes, the game is 60 full minutes, sometimes more. love, Jim Dolan's checkbook

Dear Brad, Getting bench sores? I have some creams for that <3 Stu

Dear Brad, I understand...<3 Chris Drury

Dear Brad, Number one centers are supposed to lead the team in points, right? <3 Derek

Dear Brad, $7 million a year is supposed to help the team, no? <3 Hank

Dear Brad, The season in New York lasts longer than in Dallas. <3 Torts

Dear Brad, Showing up in the playoffs is kind of a big deal. <3 Brass