Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rangers v. Pens 11/29/10

I feel like I already summed up the entire game in one tweet: oh no, the tired Rangers couldn't beat a significantly more skilled team...they must be the most awful, garbage team ever.

I wrote that after reading responses of Ranger fans after the game.  The refs were not against us this time...except that bullshit call against Cally.  I would have been less upset if it was just a complete noncall...Crosby says he got caught up with Cally in a battle and Cally says it was a slew foot -- every time I watched it, it looked like a slew foot...but I am incredibly biased toward Cally and this goes without saying.

Torts was playing with the lines all game...I don't know why he thinks that will increase the skill level.  In the end, the Rangers didn't lose because of lack of work, they lost because the Penguins are incredibly skilled.  They had shots, while many went wide or high, a lot of those were forced that way by the Pens defensemen.  Our three/four most skilled players were the most effective in the game - our King in the net, our Slovakian Sniper, and our top shutdown defensemen (when Marc and Danny are a pair, they count as 1).  Marc stayed on top of Crosby for the most part.

The odd man rushes definitely killed the second period, but they didn't know how to fix it.  In 2 weeks when the Rangers head back to Pittsburgh, maybe they'll know better.

As for the lines: I thought I was going to love Steps with Dubi and Cally, but there wasn't enough of it to judge - I did like Brian with them because he has the same gritty, yet skilled style of play.  I also think Steps and Gaby have amazing chemistry and need to be together and I liked Aves with them.  Aves has been showing that he's more than a pest lately and he's incredibly skilled...he was one of few I noticed tonight carrying the puck into the offensive zone rather than trying a dump and chase.  Dump and chase doesn't work against teams like the Pens.

DZ had a decent game as well.  He was on the puck when he had to be and there was a lot less of him watching the puck go past him at the point.

I don't think the Rangers played badly at all...I just don't think they had the energy in them to outplay the more skilled team and that's all there is to it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Rangers v. Preds 11/27/10

Losing a game because of a bad bounce would have sucked.  Danny showed his exhaustion in the inability to stop that puck before Wilson put it over Hank.  After two periods of relatively boring hockey, I was thrilled to see Cally score the tying goal.  He really is a beast and the heart and soul of the team, add the clutch goals and it just makes him that much more amazing.  Even Torts has called him the leader of the team...now...how to get Drury to willingly give up the C...

Hank once again proved that he is an elite goaltender and one of the best in the league.  While Cally's the heart and soul, Hank is the backbone.  When the guys in front of him play better, he plays better as well...and I hope this continues.

Prusty beating Shane O'Brien was 1. hot and 2. a great fight...Aves got his ass kicked by Jordin Tootoo though (and Tootoo tweeted last night that he was surprised that Aves fought him).

That being said...the way they played against Florida and Nashville won't cut it tonight....Marc and Danny have to be all over Crosby and Malkin...and someone had better be covering Letang.

Short post because there's not much about that game to write about.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rangers v. Panthers 11/26/10

The King is back. The Rangers were outshot 40-19, but managed to pull off a 3-0 win.  This win is credited to Henrik Lundqvist.  Still wanna tell me that he's not an elite goaltender and that Biron should get more starts?

There were a few lucky bounces and times when my heart stopped because I didn't know where the puck was, there was no whistle, and then suddenly the puck would appear behind everyone and a Ranger (often Steve Eminger) would clear it out.

For a team that's been getting a lot of dirty goals, all 3 last night were kinda pretty.  First, Steps goal: Staal sees Aves coming out of the box, gets him the puck, he takes a hard shot, rebound went straight onto the rookie's stick and he put it in.  Then Cally with a perfect redirection of EC's shot on the power play...and last, but definitely not least Trusty Prusty with his first goal of the season, shorthanded perfect stick work from when he got out of the zone until he wristed it right into the net.

My MVP of the night? Brandon Prust...but at a close second: Steve Eminger.  He was the one clearing the crease every time it seemed like Hank would miss a rebound.  When I was at the Garden early in the season, I was definitely screaming "get out of here, Eminger, you're worthless," but now I'm swallowing my words.  He has impressed me so much, as has Sauer.  Sauer started out as a quiet presence, but now he's showing that he's exactly what we needed on the blueline.  Staal and Girardi are getting tired...I don't know how Staal played 28 minutes last night because he looked like he could barely breathe.

By the way, last night, I saw the Sean Avery that I love...he has such great hands and a talent that no one recognizes unless they're a Ranger fan.  Torts rewarded this play with a little double shifting and extra minutes compared to what he had been playing.

This whole post sounds complimentary, so I just need to add this: if that was most other teams last night, it would not have been the same.  It might be that they're exhausted, but they were not playing their best game.  Hank had something to prove and he did.  The Weiss goal being waived off definitely helped the Cats gain some momentum and luckily the boys were awake enough at the end of the game to continue to fight them off...however, I think their lack of remaining energy prevented them from capitalizing on 3 minutes with an empty net.  I did love that everyone thought Hank was gonna go for it and he even admitted that if he wasn't going for the shutout and they still had a decent lead, he would have done it.  It was nice to see a happy Hank interview after the game.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rangers v. Bolts 11/25/10

Whatever you read is going to tell you that the Rangers did not show up for the first two periods of the game.  The defense was bad, no one was clearing the crease, there were some bad penalties called, and Hank was left out to dry.

I just want to emphasize this DO NOT FUCKING BLAME HENRIK LUNDQVIST ... did my point come across?  Yes, he let in 5 goals...on the first one, he was interfered with, I don't give a shit what the refs said or didn't say - Ryan Malone's stick was in there and his body was in there and he knocked Hank over before the puck went in.  For Hedman's goal, Hank was screened - he couldn't see a thing. 

Also, some of those penalties were soft calls...but there were others that should have been called.

The "diving" penalty on Lundqvist was probably the biggest load of bullshit that I saw all season.  He was very obviously pushed, his padding weighs how much, and he lost his footing. That should have been a power play, not a coincidental minor.

Now, while I did just give reasons for their goals, I am in no way saying that the Rangers deserved to win the game, because they didn't.  They played like crap the first 2 periods...7 shots on goal? Really?

The 3rd period on the other hand...they came back.  Brian's shortie was a great effort...I saw some decent play out of most of the team.  A certain rookie is proving that he shouldn't go anywhere when Drury comes back.  I'm not going to say anything more about these two.

The Avery incident.  At that point, the score was 5-0 or 5-1, I don't remember, but there wasn't really a chance at coming back....the team had no momentum.  The hit on EC was clean, but Avery took offense to it and went after the guy who hit him.  While he did take a penalty (which led to the aforementioned shortie), a fire was lit under the team.  They're sticking up for each other like we all wanted them to - but of course many Ranger fans acting as they always do, found the play unnecessary.  Ranger fan mentality = "do this!" :players do requested action: "why the fuck did you do that?!"  Also, Avery has been in Torts' doghouse for whatever reason (it is well known that Torts doesn't like Avery), so why not do something?

Dubi was pretty feisty tonight.  I expected him to drop the gloves...most likely against Malone or Downie...but he controlled himself to an extent.  It's hard not to get frustrated in a game like that...he just has to channel it into his speed/play not letting his temper out in undisciplined play.

Gaborik and Frolov. Best goal scorers on the team? Really...coulda fooled me.  Seriously, these two need to pick it up; they're being outshined and outscored by a rookie (Steps has 5-8-13) now and a guy who never scored more than 4 goals in a season (Boyle has 10-1-11).   There's still 59 games left...hopefully we see them show up soon...before it's too late.

My line suggestions and this involves a bit of change since it's obvious something's not working (I'm open to any comments on this)
Dubi - Steps - Gaby  (I REALLY want to see if this line could work)
Fro - Bri - Cally (Brian deserves to be moved up and Torts is down on Artie right now)
Aves - Artie - Prust
Feds - EC - Boogey (Fedotenko is in my doghouse because he takes too many stupid undisciplined penalties otherwise I would switch him and Aves and leave this line alone)

This post was long enough -- no tweets tonight.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sean Avery for All-Star

I am 100% supportive of the Sean Avery for All-Star campaign. (credit the campaign to Kevin over at The NYR Blog)

Let me explain:
Not a joke as in we're saying it, but not actually voting for him, but a joke as in we want to see the reaction of Gary Bettman if it works.
The All Star Game is a gimmick too...it's a way to bring in money to the NHL and the new format just increases that.  They're televising two NHLers (who we all know will likely be Crosby and Ovechkin) choosing their teams like schoolyard kickball.
So to all of the people saying "Sean Avery is not an All Star" no fucking kidding...no one thinks he is.  The point is to prove that the game is just a joke to get ratings and do you know what gets ratings and media attention? SEAN. AVERY.

Right now, Aves is ranked 27th among forwards.  Not bad for a write in candidate...so do it up.

Yes...I know that the Ranger most deserving of going to the All Star Game is Brandon Dubinsky, and I've been writing him in right next to Aves, but that's not what this campaign is about.

Rangers v. Flames 11/23/10

Before I write anything else, I should mention that I watched the first period on streaming video while in class and then was walking from class to my car from the start of the 2nd until right after Boyle's goal and listened to everything up to Danny's goal on the radio.  So I can't really say much about what happened there.

It was a VERY physical game; it's been said by others that it was played like a divisional rivalry game.

Let's go to the touchy subjects, I'll talk about Marc's hit: I've watched it a few times and tried to pause it on certain spots...from what I could see, he did hit Stajan in the shoulder, but Stajan's head was down and jerked back.  The only people who find the hit CONCLUSIVELY dirty are fans (and fans make most decisions with their hearts not their brains, myself included) and Larry Brooks....and Bob McKenzie did say it looked like a violation to him.  I watched NHLlive today and they talked about the hit quite a bit and they said that it was very inconclusive because it happened so fast and Stajan's hit was down.  It had become a very physical game and it was the Flames who decided on that pace.  Although I was INCREDIBLY amused that everyone wanted to go until Boogey got on the ice, then they would all mess with him to see if they could draw a penalty out of him.  Boogey has proven to Ranger fans that he's an intelligent player.

My choice MVP of the night - Michael Sauer.  While I am probably the #1 advocate for Stepan for Calder, he was not the rookie who caught my attention in the first period last night.  Sauer dished out a hit and was ready for the repercussions of it.  Not only did Sauer fight the guy who protected his teammate, but when he came out of the box, he fought someone else.  It brought so much energy to the Ranger bench and since he had the take down both times, it gave us faith that Sauer is reliable in even more ways than we though.  He's been solid in our own zone, intelligent in the offensive zone, and now we know he has the skills to fight when challenged.  I don't know if I want to see Sauer starting fights (but if he's protecting his teammates, then I'm all for it), but I am very happy with every aspect of his game last night.

Now as for my favorite rookie...he might not have been the best rookie of the night, but he was still on his game.  He's currently on a 4 game point streak...pretty nice after going like 10-15 games without a single point.  Everyone who doubted him will soon have to admit that they were wrong and the kid is NHL material if they haven't already.  I can't wait to see what Steps brings to the team in the next few years, especially once he's joined by guys like Kreider, Bourque, Werek, Thomas, and the rest of our prospects.

I wish Prusty was able to score.  He played great though, especially on the penalty kill.  By the way, the Rangers now have 24 (or is it 25) CONSECUTIVE PENALTY KILLS and have scored PPGs in the last two games.

One more note: Ryan Callahan is the definition of defensive forward.  He is strong in both zones, he might not have the scoring skills of the Crosbys, Ovechkins, or Stamkos' of the world or even rack up the assists like whichever of the creeper twins gets the assists on his brother's goals, but Cally leads the league in hits by a forward and has 17 points in 21 games...he's on track for over 60 points if he keeps healthy after last season he only had 37 in 77 games.  I would love to see Cally at least in the top 3 for Selke if his play continues like this.

It's a very comforting feeling to know that we have a backup goalie who can stop one of the hottest goal scorers in the league.  While I didn't see the goal that went in, from what I heard on the radio, Marty didn't have much of a shot at it.  I did see the entire 3rd period and he was excellent.  Though, as many have said, it was weird to hear "Mar-ty" being chanted at the Garden when that name is usually said "Maaarrrttyyyy" in a taunting manner.

I'm not going to vent about fair weathered fans again, but I know that I need to start being less irritated by things I see on twitter.  That's the end of that.

Now onto the tweets:
  • keep Cally away from Fro. he just tried a wraparound.
  • Just a question - when our PK team clears the puck and gets in the way of making shots, they're good...but when other teams do it, we suck?
  • Danny just made an amazing move to protect the stickless Boyle.
  • omg Eminger, that was beautiful. I'm sorry for everything at the beginning of the season
  • Cally just pulled a Fro and came so close
  • PS. CALLY FOR SELKE. js    

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Thoughts on Henrik Lundqvist

Hank is an elite goaltender.  Yes, he has struggled a little so far this season and we have an excellent back up goaltender who has been solid for us.  Let Hank take a couple of days to practice.  Remember the last time that Marty had two starts in a row? Hank came back against the Pens and made some ridiculous saves.  Since we have Marty, why not use him to let Hank get some time off?

For the past few years, the only thing keeping the Rangers out of the basement has been Henrik Lundqvist.  This year, the guys in front of him are actually doing their part as well.  The season is only 25% over and we're above .500, so cut the guy some slack.

I'm so fucking sick of all of the fans talking about how he's not that great of a goalie.  Give the guy a fucking break, he's been the backbone of the team for years.  Yes, he's been struggling a little bit, but do me a favor and shut the fuck up.

Tonight, we play the Flames...I get it, Iginla's been on a hot streak and they beat the Hawks 7-2 the other night. I watched parts of that game.  The Hawks defense played like shit on Friday night...if Marc and Danny play their games the way they have been for the majority of the season, then they can help Marty out with Iginla.  Sauer and Eminger have also been solid with both their bodies and their intelligent play. Plus, Marty is a SOLID GOALIE.

Wednesday, we're in Tampa. Against Steve Stamkos. Against arguably the best player in the NHL at the moment...against they guy who has been described as having ridiculous accuracy and finding the back of the net with most of his shots.  Along with Stamkos, they have Marty St. Louis who is both a playmaker and a goal scorer.  I'd rather see Hank being fresh and at his best against Tampa Bay.

This has been a rant. If you don't like it, I don't give a shit.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rangers v. Wild 11/20/10

Welcome back, fair weather fans.   The same people who called the team (emphasizing team over game) "garbage" and "pathetic" are now praising the efforts that went into last night's game in Minnesota.  Of course since Hank wasn't playing, he's still in the fair weather fan's doghouse because Biron made some great saves last night.   I will not deny that I've said negative things about certain players (Erik Christensen) out of frustration and I've even said that I wouldn't mind seeing him as the odd man out upon the return of Chris Drury.  It's the fans who completely turn on the team when they're not winning that I have zero respect for.  You have to take the good with the bad.  Our team even admits that they're not the most skilled team in the league, they have to work harder in order to make the plays and get the goals and sometimes that doesn't happen.  The current Rangers are incredibly inconsistent, everyone knows that, but that doesn't mean you give up hope in them.  I'm sick and tired of hearing "I just want them to win a Cup" as a reason to be so harsh when they lose.  Check this season's standings, they're still over .500 which is usually enough to make the playoffs.  Rangers are 3rd in the conference, only 1 point behind the Pens (and yes, if we had beat them in regulation on Monday, we would be tied) and 7th in the conference with 3 points over Carolina.  The season is 1/4 over and most of this was done WITHOUT GABORIK.

There's this team over in the Western Conference, you might have heard of them...the Chicago Blackhawks?  On Friday night while the Rangers were having their worst game of the season, the Calgary Flames were dominating the reigning Stanley Cup Champs in a 7-2 win.  Last night, the Hawks came back against the Vancouver Canucks (a much better team than the Flames) to win 7-1.  Are their fans turning their backs and doubting the skill level of players such as Toews, Kane, Hossa, Keith, and Sharp?

So pretty much by point is that if you loved the Rangers last night after calling them horrible things on Friday night, then I don't want to hear your opinion.  I don't give a shit what you think of me for saying this, but I'm sick and tired and seeing fans turn their backs on their team.  Go ahead and call the way they're playing in a game or the pace of the game "garbage" or "pathetic" that's fine...but this team doesn't need fair weather fans, they need support through the good and the bad.

Okay...that will end my rant and I'll get on to my review of the game.

Welcome home Gaby, Step, Sauer, and Boogey.  Boogey made some of the smartest plays I've seen from him, particularly the hit that led to Artie's goal.  Both of our Minnesota rookies picked up assists, Sauer on the aforementioned Anismiov goal and Steps by making a beautiful pass to DZ that gave him an empty net to shoot into.  I don't care how much of a broken record I sound like, playing with Gaby makes Stepan a much better player.  He's put up points in 3 consecutive games.

Biron was great...I know DZ had the bad play that led to the shorthanded break, but that shouldn't take away from his play for the first 2/3 of the game.  He's 20 years old, he's still a kid and he's still learning.  Not everyone has a Steve Stamkos sophomore season.

Dubi's breakaway was a thing of absolute beauty.

There was so much puck possession in their zone, I'm not used to that.  Some of the keep ins (mostly by Girardi) were great.  Our defense as a whole had one of their better games of the season.

Hero of the game: Brandon Prust.  He couldn't straighten his leg after the game. Couldn't. straighten. his. leg. but he played like a beast.  Tomorrow night, the Flames are coming to MSG...Prust probably would not let himself sit out, so let's hope that he rests up today and is in good shape tomorrow to play.  I don't want to see the injury getting any worse.

Oh yeah and a highlight for my personal love - Boyle FINALLY got his first assist of the season.

Okay, so my review turned into a rant, but I don't care, I was pissed.

So here's some tweets:
  • Dubes just had a decent hit...on Cally...
  • Marty kinda looked like he was batting a fly.
  • Prusty is leading the team in PIM...if his fights are subtracted, does Feds have more?
  • we play better offensively on the PK than the PP
  • haha "Boogaard saying hello to his old friends"
  • look...I know you're jealous he's not on your team anymore, but that doesn't mean you get to mess with the Superstar Slovakian Sniper.
  • Dubes always looks like he's going on an obstacle course. I kinda love it.
  • of all players that NEED their helmets on...Danny loses his
  • now that the wraparound went in...how do we stop Fro from continuing to do them?  
  • idk what makes me think this - but do male fans think Step's mom is hot or something? lol

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rangers v. Avs 11/19/10

I really don't want to recap last night's game.  It was a mess...that's really all there is to say.  At the end of the first, I had a bad feeling because it's not the first time we've had a scoreless first this season and the ones I can remember haven't ended well. 

Hank was off.  I will not deny this.  Like I said yesterday though, we can't throw him under the bus for a bad game.  How many games has Hank been pretty much solely responsible for winning?  He had nothing in front of him last night.  It's not every game that Dan Girardi goes down, letting the other team have a ridiculous breakaway.  I do think Del Zotto needs a game either on the bottom pair or in the press box (when Rozi comes back)...Gilroy's been on the top of his game and making himself noticeable and Sauer and Eminger have given us reason to start to like them.

As for my favorite rookie, I think he just needed Gaby.  Since Gaby's been back, he's been playing better.  That goal last night was very deserved.  Nick over at Rangers Tribune made a good point...Step's been making some great passes, but Frolov has been at the end of those passes, so if Fro can find where the back of the net is, Steps starts raking in more assists.  I think that staying on the top line with Gaby is going to shortlist him for Calder if things continue how they are.  If you are going to disagree with me on Steps and Calder, then expect an argument. Just saying.

Reasons I know it was a bad game - I didn't even notice Cally for the most part.  This is coming from me and my love of Ryan Callahan.

Now for Some Tweets:
  • did Frolov just shoot the puck from in front of the net?
  • hhaha Bri falling all over the place right now
  • how about we stop giving them good chances? k?
  • Aves...remember, you push a guy and it's a roughing penalty...he does it to you, the NHL praises him
  • Michael on the bench right now is making me want to cry.
  • do I need to start singing Olivia Newton-John to them?
  • maybe Torts screaming at them in the locker room will make them put some momentum into the power play and own the 3rd #wishfulthinking
  • awww Prusty....be better tomorrow, please. Trusty Prusty, we love you.
  • Prusty, go to the locker room -- don't try to go back in, tomorrow's a new start.
  • Aves...watch the mouth.
  • yes, Pepsi Center, we are having a Bad Day...Daniel Bedingfield doesn't need to remind us. k.            

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pens and Bruins games

I didn't get a chance to update, so I'm going to try to do something quick from memory before tonight's game starts.  I will be combining a few things.

Hank. Seriously, any fan who threw Hank under the bus for the Recchi goal lost a little respect from me.  Did you see him Monday night?  He was absolutely ridiculous.  He makes stops that most goalies dream of making...sure, he lets in a soft goal once in a while, but he's an elite goaltender and one of the best in the world.  I usually am very accepting of other people's opinions, but in this case, if you disagree, don't tell me.

Eminger and Sauer. Wow. That's really all I have to say.  I feel bad for Gilroy because if he doesn't get traded, there will be a permanent imprint of his ass in the press box.

Why wasn't Dubi a star on Monday night?  I know Cally actually put the winning goal in the net, but to me, that doesn't necessarily make him the #1 star of the game.  If not for Dubi, Staal wouldn't have had that tying goal, if not for Dubi's patience and intelligent play, Cally wouldn't have had that perfect shot which he called the easiest goal that he's ever scored.

The 5 on 3. I talked to people about this the other day...yes, they should have shot more, but not from the positions they were in. SHOOTING THE PUCK IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST THING TO DO.  If there are no shooting lanes and their shots would likely be blocked or deflected by the other team, then they should not shoot.  What they should do is move more and try to force the other team to move which will open up lanes.  The players also admitted this.

The return of U MAD? (U MAD = M(arian) A(lex) D(erek) for those of you who don't know).  Maybe this will light a fire under Fro because we all have seen how well Steps plays when he's with Gaby.  If he stays on this line and flourishes more, then maybe more people will understand my DStep for Calder award.  I touched the empty plate next to Tyler Myers' name on the Calder the other day....Steps would look great there. Just saying.

Tyler Seguin. That shot. Wow.  Granted, he shouldn't have been able to get it off, but there was a giveaway to him.

Okay, the game's gonna start -- I napped today, so I might get my update of the Avs game right after this is over.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rangers v. Oilers 11/14/10

So I witnessed this game from Section 97, Row H...aka REALLY close to the ice.

I'm just going to post random thoughts, I didn't tweet much because I was really entranced by the game.

Boogey and McIntyre fought twice? Kinda funny...guess the Oilers were getting a little upset by the beating they were taking on the scoreboard.  When the 2nd one started, I was like "wtf" because it was the same two people.  It was still a good fight - true heavyweight battle.

Marian Gaborik. Hat Trick. Need I say more?  I'm glad that getting our Superstar Slovakian Sniper brought some energy back to the team.

Who were those guys wearing 26 and 31, because I haven't seen them since preseason.  3a for EC and 2g, 2a for Fro.  I hope they can play this well against Pittsburgh tomorrow night.

Stepan had 2 assists...first two points since like game 5.  I hope this boosts his confidence a little bit.

Brian Boyle...if you know me, you know how much I love him.  A goal and a fight...if only he knew how to get an assist, then he would have had a Gordie Howe.  I rewatched the brawl and noticed that Boyle jumped in to protect Cally...that earns him so many points in my book.

Now the brawl...if Smid didn't drop the gloves with Aves, then I would agree with the haters that Aves had a cheap shot...but HE DROPPED THE FUCKING GLOVES BEFORE AVERY HIT HIM.  Then Avery was going to the locker room to serve his misconduct and he got jumped thus starting the brawl.  It was fucking awesome to watch it up close.  I missed Torts holding Dubi back, but Dubes likes to be feisty.  If Avery gets suspended, I will be absolutely livid.

Marty might have let in one softy, but I still thought he had a really good night.  He seemed a little bored at times though lol.

Taylor Hall is going to be something in a couple of years; the kid has a lot of talent and speed, but it seems like he's missing the sense of the NHL game.  If he was drafted by any other team, I think he'd spend a year in the AHL.  He just doesn't seem NHL ready to me.

Overall, I was impressed with the Rangers play, there were no big mistakes.  However, we're playing the Penguins tomorrow which is a HUGE difference from playing the Oilers.  They're a more skilled team on both sides of the ice.  If Hank is back and 100%, Marc and Danny are against the 2 headed monster, the top line plays like they did tonight, and the Pack Line produces...we might be okay.  It's a battle for 2nd place in the division...not that it matters in mid November though.

My Tweets:
  • Who's that guy in the 26 and why is he playing well?
  • Erik, you don't have to rape your teammates when they score
  • PS my new love just doubled last seasons total
  • BOOGEYMAN gets a Simpsons cartoon on the jumbotron!
  • No. You do not touch Artie. Hands off my adorable Russian
  • Steps is so enamoured by the fight. I love it!
  • Hey Fro I know you want to prove something, but let Gaby get the hattie
  • Oh hi Oiler massacre
  • Personally witnessed a Gaborik hat trick, nbd        

Friday, November 12, 2010

Skipped the last two games

I never got around to updating after the Caps game on Tuesday.  Overall, I didn't think they played a bad game at all; of course they were inconsistent, but when playing against a team that is significantly more skilled, hard work can't always pay off.  Oh yeah, and I really hope Brian Boyle's improvements are the real thing and not a fluke.

As for last night...I only watched the 1st period and then Rangers in 60.  I was happy with the win, but the second period wasn't too impressive.  Except Marty.  For getting told he was playing a 6:00, I was incredibly impressed with Marty Biron, he just got in there and had an amazing game and made some ridic saves after other guys on the team (coughECcough) handed over the puck.

I don't dislike Steve Eminger anywhere near as much as I did in the beginning. 

However, in preseason I LOVED Fro...where did he go?

I saw something about Artie centering Gaby and I love the sound of that, except just as everyone else would say - I don't want to break up the Pack Line.  Cally's accuracy kinda sucks and the defensemen don't like Dubi get shots off....but they have the potential and I love them.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rangers v. Blues 11/7/10

My Personal Highlights:

1. Marty proved that we can count on him...he made some great saves and prevented the score from being a lot worse than 2-0 (well 1-0 since empty netters don't count against the goalie)

2. Again, Dan Girardi was on top of his game for the most part.

3. Stepan is really coming back into his game and I still think it would be detrimental to him to send him to Hartford, he can't get acclimated to the NHL game unless he's there.

4. Prust never backing down from a fight.

5. When Crombeen had that nasty hit on Steps...Dubi was ready to beat the shit out of him.

My Favorite Things I Tweeted:
  • don't trip over each other boys, please?
  • ughhhhh really...penalty? Feddsssss
  • btw - am I the only one who thinks either Staal or Danny should be on Oshie?
  • "Oshie tried to wraparound and forgot the puck"
  • Artie is off tonight. Please come back bb. and Conklin, stop blocking my Cally's shots, please?
  • just a guess, but Boogey's benched for the rest of the night
  • love watching Dubi curse at the refs when they DON'T MAKE THE CALL AFTER HE GETS A HIGH STICK TO THE EYE
  • please score a goal...pleaseeeee? Dubi? Cally? Boyle? FROLOV?
  • 5 minute power play and they do shit. I give up on this game.     

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rangers v. Devils 11/5/10

My school schedule is making it difficult to do my recaps in a timely fashion...good thing this isn't a serious blog lol

My Personal Highlights:

1. Dan Girardi....I don't even know where to start.  There's a reason he's 1st in the league in blocked shots, he knows where to be at the right times, but that's not what impressed me most.  Wherever the Russian was, Girardi was never more than inches away. He got under Kovalchuk's skin so well that he made him take a bad penalty and get so frustrated that he did not play his best game.

2. Dubi being tied for #1 in the league in goals, which unfortunately was beat last night by Steve Stamkos, but if Dubes can pull off another performance on par with how he's been lately, then he can stay up near the top of the list.

3. I said it in my last game review, but Brandon Prust is just impressing me this season.  He's definitely having a career year regardless of how many points he has.

4. I will repeat that I'm falling in love with Brian Boyle.  He's goal came a good time to build up some momentum when too much time was being spent in our own zone.  While most of the work was done by Danny, Boyle knew where to be to deflect it in.

5. Again, the refs were not really paying attention.  It shocked me when Aves was able to draw a hooking penalty in NJ, but he took Adam Mair's high stick to the face and there was blood...but nothing was called.   I wasn't as annoyed though when Tallinder's OBVIOUS delay of game wasn't called just because I don't really understand that penalty.


I'm sure there were more, but I can't really remember what they were now lol

My Favorite Things I Tweeted:
  •  "Henrik Lundqvist against other teams, sometimes looks human, but against the Devils, looks super human" - Ken Daneyko 
  • okay goal of the game...do not make Cally flip out in the press box
  • now Chico and Doc are complimenting Aves' play...what kind of alternate universe is this?
  • That's #9 - now Dubi's tied for 2nd in the league. Dubi Dubi Dooooooooooo
  • really Sully? Dubi's a horse?
  • I'm still in shock that Aves DREW a penalty and we're starting the 2nd on the PP
  • this almost looks like the DStep that played in Buffalo
  • ok now this is pressure boys...we should have a 5 on 3, but it's ok -- keep pressuring
  • I kinda like Steps with Trusty Prusty

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rangers v. Flyers 11/4/2010

so out what I wanted...I got half of one...Dubi scored

My Personal Highlights: (not all positive)

1. Timmonen's hit on Cally...I'm actually wondering if that hurt his play because although he came back from that awful hit, he didn't play the way he has been lately.

2. The officiating was awful.  The Rangers were getting called for iffy penalties, but the Flyers weren't getting called for most of their bullshit....including that DIRTY hit by Carcillo on Feds.

3. Brandon Prust.  He's been impressing me for a few games, while his penalty was bad (and Zherdev should have been in the box for it too), he's still been playing very well.  I was also incredibly happy that he went after Carcillo, though it was a little late.

4. Boogey/Shelley - it was a little disappointing...it was slow moving and nothing really happened.

5. Brandon Dubinsky is currently tied for 3rd in the league in goals.  How long will he keep this up?

My Favorite Things I've Tweeted:
  • bad penalty Mike! I know everyone wants to slash the hell out of Carbomb...but don't do it
  • I was against it before -- but now I'm 100% for Dubi fucking up Richie....take the 5 minutes, Dubes
  • Dubi has more goals than Ovie. Just saying.
  • Dear Danny....make it up to us, please? and I don't mean with your pretty eyes
  • maybe EC's quote to reporters the other day is having an effect on his play?
  • seriously does every fucking former ranger out there need to score tonight
  • you've gotta be fucking kidding me right now.....where's the fucking penalty
  • I want Prusty on the ice right now against Carcillo.
  • I need to turn this off before I break my TV....why the fuck is Boogey on with Boyle? Did Torts take a blow to the head too?
  • hey guys...what happened to the team that was blocking shots and knocking bodies around the other night?            

Looking Towards Tonight

Okay first, I don't want to hear about that damn shootout anymore.  I was actually at the Rock because my friend got free club seats to Sabres @ Devils and I couldn't pass those up, but there was a TV and I watched the shootout surrounded by Devils fans.  It hurt. Jokinen is gone.
However - I will say this...in a way, I was okay with not making the playoffs because of my Favorite...for those of you who don't remember, Cally came back from his knee injury too early in game 81, hit Pronger, and went back out.  Had the Rangers made the playoffs, we all know Cally would have wanted to play and could have done a lot more damage to his knee and who knows what could have happened.  Also, Hank was having knee problems and got to rest that more.  Don't get me wrong, it would have been amazing to make the playoffs and have a run like the Flyers did...but it is very obvious that they are back with a vengeance this year and I like what it's doing to some of them.


What I Want to See Tonight
  • Marc and Danny G flattening Carter and Richards any chance they get
  • Someone  to rattle the rookie (Bobrovsky) if he's playing...maybe a nice point shot coming too close (hey "Dr." Boyle...)
  • Former linemates Prust and Shelley fighting.
  • Boogey and Carbomb...some kind of interaction...isn't that why we signed him?
  • More amazing from the Pack line (Dubi is still tied with Ovechkin in goals and the Caps have played one more game)
  • A point from Stepan.  Goal, assist, I don't care...but a point
  • A whiny/sore loser post game interview from Mike Richards
anyone else want to see something different?

Rangers v. Hawks 11/1/10

Yeah...this post is a few days late, but I've been busy

My Personal Highlights: (since it's been a few days, they're not going to be in order)

1. By far one of the most amazing moments of my life: I met Ryan Callahan and he signed my jersey

I also met Marc Staal, Brian Boyle, Eric Christensen, and Brandon Prust (poor guy's eye is still pretty nasty looking) and Cally walked out with Girardi, Avery, and Lundqvist, but getting Cally to sign my jersey was more important than their autographs.


2. Jonathan Toews attempting to fight Brian Boyle...umm Tazer, he's a good 6 inches taller than you and prob close to 50 pounds heavier...either way, it was hilarious

3. Danny G's ability to block shots is ridiculous

4. I was shaking and almost crying when Cally didn't come out to start the 3rd, but then when I saw him assist Dubi's second goal, life was better again.

5. The intensity of the crowd at MSG

6. I actually noticed Step and he had some decent chances.  I've been torn about sending him back down to Hartford...he would get a lot more minutes there, but it wouldn't make him NHL ready as much as playing the 10 minutes per game with the Rangers.  He's adjusting, once he gets more comfortable, I think he'll play better.  I know I have high hopes for the kid, but I don't want to give up on him.

7. At one point, I turned to my friend and said "I think this is the first time that I don't find Patrick Sharp's wrister to be sexy"

Favorite Things I Tweeted:
  • For those of you who drink...take a shot any time Marc flattens Toews lol
  • Yay Dubes and that's a 7 game point streak for Favorite!
  • Why does Dubes look hurt? No bb please don't be.
  • Cally just blocked a Keith slapshot now I might cry
  • On the plus side, Steps playing pretty well...EC on the other hand...
  • Ok 3rd period...how about figuring out what to do with rebounds?
  • Where the fuck is Ryan Callahan?!
  • And Cally's back. Such a beast
  • I'm sorry I doubted you Erik
  • Jonathan Toews just started a fight with Brian Boyle? What even lol
  • RANGERS WIN! Love you Dubes