Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rangers v. Flyers 11/4/2010

so out what I wanted...I got half of one...Dubi scored

My Personal Highlights: (not all positive)

1. Timmonen's hit on Cally...I'm actually wondering if that hurt his play because although he came back from that awful hit, he didn't play the way he has been lately.

2. The officiating was awful.  The Rangers were getting called for iffy penalties, but the Flyers weren't getting called for most of their bullshit....including that DIRTY hit by Carcillo on Feds.

3. Brandon Prust.  He's been impressing me for a few games, while his penalty was bad (and Zherdev should have been in the box for it too), he's still been playing very well.  I was also incredibly happy that he went after Carcillo, though it was a little late.

4. Boogey/Shelley - it was a little was slow moving and nothing really happened.

5. Brandon Dubinsky is currently tied for 3rd in the league in goals.  How long will he keep this up?

My Favorite Things I've Tweeted:
  • bad penalty Mike! I know everyone wants to slash the hell out of Carbomb...but don't do it
  • I was against it before -- but now I'm 100% for Dubi fucking up Richie....take the 5 minutes, Dubes
  • Dubi has more goals than Ovie. Just saying.
  • Dear Danny....make it up to us, please? and I don't mean with your pretty eyes
  • maybe EC's quote to reporters the other day is having an effect on his play?
  • seriously does every fucking former ranger out there need to score tonight
  • you've gotta be fucking kidding me right now.....where's the fucking penalty
  • I want Prusty on the ice right now against Carcillo.
  • I need to turn this off before I break my TV....why the fuck is Boogey on with Boyle? Did Torts take a blow to the head too?
  • hey guys...what happened to the team that was blocking shots and knocking bodies around the other night?            

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