Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rangers v. Avs 11/19/10

I really don't want to recap last night's game.  It was a mess...that's really all there is to say.  At the end of the first, I had a bad feeling because it's not the first time we've had a scoreless first this season and the ones I can remember haven't ended well. 

Hank was off.  I will not deny this.  Like I said yesterday though, we can't throw him under the bus for a bad game.  How many games has Hank been pretty much solely responsible for winning?  He had nothing in front of him last night.  It's not every game that Dan Girardi goes down, letting the other team have a ridiculous breakaway.  I do think Del Zotto needs a game either on the bottom pair or in the press box (when Rozi comes back)...Gilroy's been on the top of his game and making himself noticeable and Sauer and Eminger have given us reason to start to like them.

As for my favorite rookie, I think he just needed Gaby.  Since Gaby's been back, he's been playing better.  That goal last night was very deserved.  Nick over at Rangers Tribune made a good point...Step's been making some great passes, but Frolov has been at the end of those passes, so if Fro can find where the back of the net is, Steps starts raking in more assists.  I think that staying on the top line with Gaby is going to shortlist him for Calder if things continue how they are.  If you are going to disagree with me on Steps and Calder, then expect an argument. Just saying.

Reasons I know it was a bad game - I didn't even notice Cally for the most part.  This is coming from me and my love of Ryan Callahan.

Now for Some Tweets:
  • did Frolov just shoot the puck from in front of the net?
  • hhaha Bri falling all over the place right now
  • how about we stop giving them good chances? k?
  • Aves...remember, you push a guy and it's a roughing penalty...he does it to you, the NHL praises him
  • Michael on the bench right now is making me want to cry.
  • do I need to start singing Olivia Newton-John to them?
  • maybe Torts screaming at them in the locker room will make them put some momentum into the power play and own the 3rd #wishfulthinking
  • awww better tomorrow, please. Trusty Prusty, we love you.
  • Prusty, go to the locker room -- don't try to go back in, tomorrow's a new start.
  • the mouth.
  • yes, Pepsi Center, we are having a Bad Day...Daniel Bedingfield doesn't need to remind us. k.            

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