Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rangers v. Oilers 11/14/10

So I witnessed this game from Section 97, Row H...aka REALLY close to the ice.

I'm just going to post random thoughts, I didn't tweet much because I was really entranced by the game.

Boogey and McIntyre fought twice? Kinda funny...guess the Oilers were getting a little upset by the beating they were taking on the scoreboard.  When the 2nd one started, I was like "wtf" because it was the same two people.  It was still a good fight - true heavyweight battle.

Marian Gaborik. Hat Trick. Need I say more?  I'm glad that getting our Superstar Slovakian Sniper brought some energy back to the team.

Who were those guys wearing 26 and 31, because I haven't seen them since preseason.  3a for EC and 2g, 2a for Fro.  I hope they can play this well against Pittsburgh tomorrow night.

Stepan had 2 assists...first two points since like game 5.  I hope this boosts his confidence a little bit.

Brian Boyle...if you know me, you know how much I love him.  A goal and a fight...if only he knew how to get an assist, then he would have had a Gordie Howe.  I rewatched the brawl and noticed that Boyle jumped in to protect Cally...that earns him so many points in my book.

Now the brawl...if Smid didn't drop the gloves with Aves, then I would agree with the haters that Aves had a cheap shot...but HE DROPPED THE FUCKING GLOVES BEFORE AVERY HIT HIM.  Then Avery was going to the locker room to serve his misconduct and he got jumped thus starting the brawl.  It was fucking awesome to watch it up close.  I missed Torts holding Dubi back, but Dubes likes to be feisty.  If Avery gets suspended, I will be absolutely livid.

Marty might have let in one softy, but I still thought he had a really good night.  He seemed a little bored at times though lol.

Taylor Hall is going to be something in a couple of years; the kid has a lot of talent and speed, but it seems like he's missing the sense of the NHL game.  If he was drafted by any other team, I think he'd spend a year in the AHL.  He just doesn't seem NHL ready to me.

Overall, I was impressed with the Rangers play, there were no big mistakes.  However, we're playing the Penguins tomorrow which is a HUGE difference from playing the Oilers.  They're a more skilled team on both sides of the ice.  If Hank is back and 100%, Marc and Danny are against the 2 headed monster, the top line plays like they did tonight, and the Pack Line produces...we might be okay.  It's a battle for 2nd place in the division...not that it matters in mid November though.

My Tweets:
  • Who's that guy in the 26 and why is he playing well?
  • Erik, you don't have to rape your teammates when they score
  • PS my new love just doubled last seasons total
  • BOOGEYMAN gets a Simpsons cartoon on the jumbotron!
  • No. You do not touch Artie. Hands off my adorable Russian
  • Steps is so enamoured by the fight. I love it!
  • Hey Fro I know you want to prove something, but let Gaby get the hattie
  • Oh hi Oiler massacre
  • Personally witnessed a Gaborik hat trick, nbd        

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