Saturday, October 30, 2010

Few Little Notes

I'm not watching the game tonight because I'm going to a Halloween party, so I might compile other people's tweets to share lol

I'm going to add some other features to this blog - probably gonna do a lot of picture captioning because the boys make great faces.

Hopes for Tonight:
- 4 in 4 for Favorite (please?)
- Hank rocking it
- Defense to actually be there
- More improvement out of Step...last night was a step in the right direction
- Less than 4 giveaways from Del Zotto
- Rozi to again prove to the haters that he's having the best season of his career so they shut up (I got really pissed last night at the Garden when people were booing him when his name got announced on the starting line)
- Aves to cause some trouble, but not enough to get him in the box
- Frolov to SHOW UP

am I being too hopeful? lol

(Assumed) Lines for Tonight (with some commentary):
Dubi - Artie - Cally aka the Pack Line (See I want to see them keep up exactly how they've been playing.  They've got so much drive and passion that they're just amazing to watch.
Aves - Boyle - Feds ...Boyle earned his spot on this line and I'd love to see him continuing to improve, use his body, and find the back of the net.  Aves has been pretty spot on and Feds is a good compliment
Fro - Step - Prust ...this is where I want the most improvement.  Prust has been playing very well, but see above for my Fro/Step comments.  What happened to the guys who played in preseason?
EC - White - Grachev This line is just a wtf's kinda like the leftovers...EC needs to step it up and even with his limited ice time, Grach did a few good things last night - he had a couple of good hits and was able to create turnovers out of them

I want to say put Staal and Danny G back together, but then we'd only have 1 solid defensive line.  I almost want to see Gilly up a pair and DZ down a pair just for one game...maybe it'll up DZ's play a bit.

Rangers v. Canes 10/29/2010

My Personal Highlights

1. Again - Ryan Callahan is a beast and should be wearing a C on his jersey.

2. Marc Staal scored to show up his brother (who had 2 assists, so it's iffy if this was successful)

3. The defense is weak...except Girardi, he seems to be showing up more and more every game...maybe that's why he's +6 on the season

4. I like Del Zotto, I do...but maybe a night off will do him good...which leads to

5. Being benched might be one of the best things to happen to DStep all season -- kid's been off at every home game, but I noticed a huge difference tonight: he was winning face offs, making plays, and had a few shots on goal.

6. In the end, I think we lost because Ward was on the top of his game....

7. and the refs were inconsistent with their calls.

My Favorite Things I Tweeted:
  • Marc and Eric are both starting #staalsarebrothers
  • Seriously did people boo Rozi? He played better than Staal the other night
  • Nice use of the body, favorite! (AN: Favorite = Callahan, words are interchangeable)
  • That's how you show your brother who's best!
  • Dubi Dubi Doo. And top line does it again
  • The Russian kid can hit!
  • Does Dancin Larry own Ranger gear other than that Graves jersey?
  • I wonder what would have happened if the Rangers showed up for the 1st period        

Rangers v. Thrashers 10/27/10

My Personal Highlights
1. Ryan Callahan is a fucking beast.

2. I am falling in love with Brian Boyle more and more every game

3. Danny wants to be goalie.

4. For some reason, the Rangers forget that there are 3 periods/60 minutes in a hockey game

My favorite things I tweeted:
  • my favorite’s good at hitting….or in hockey talk “using the body” :P
  • ugghhh Buff get off my bb DZ!
  • hey aggressive forecheck, where’d you go?
  • Marc, stop it! You have this bad habit of putting us down to a 5 on 3, so no roughing around the net. thanks.
  • Staal + Girardi + Cally on PK = <3 (although I wish I didn’t have to keep learning that)
  • Dru is losing his “clutch” name…Boyle is now Mr. Clutch
  • Danny be a goalie now?
  • Dear Rangers…on Friday/for the rest of the season, remember there are THREE periods in a game. Not 1.