Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rangers v. Thrashers 10/27/10

My Personal Highlights
1. Ryan Callahan is a fucking beast.

2. I am falling in love with Brian Boyle more and more every game

3. Danny wants to be goalie.

4. For some reason, the Rangers forget that there are 3 periods/60 minutes in a hockey game

My favorite things I tweeted:
  • my favorite’s good at hitting….or in hockey talk “using the body” :P
  • ugghhh Buff get off my bb DZ!
  • hey aggressive forecheck, where’d you go?
  • Marc, stop it! You have this bad habit of putting us down to a 5 on 3, so no roughing around the net. thanks.
  • Staal + Girardi + Cally on PK = <3 (although I wish I didn’t have to keep learning that)
  • Dru is losing his “clutch” name…Boyle is now Mr. Clutch
  • Danny be a goalie now?
  • Dear Rangers…on Friday/for the rest of the season, remember there are THREE periods in a game. Not 1.

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