Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New York Rangers on 24/7

The news started to come out a few months ago that the Rangers were going to be getting the 2012 Winter Classic against arch rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers. However, that's not the important part...the fans care more about 24/7 and why not.

But what are they gonna show?

Will the rivalry between Mike Richards and Brandon Dubinsky be front and center?  I wonder if HBO and the NHL will try to push Torts to give Dubi an "A" for that reason. (I'm not going to get into why I don't think Dubi should get a letter, but for an idea, check out the amount of color in interviews from Torts' letter wearers in the past). Mike Richards and Brandon Dubinsky have a lot of respect for each other and have shown this through many fights in the past. Maybe we'll even get to see a montage of the past battles and a preview through an earlier game.

How many times will HBO show "the shootout"?

Will there be a special feature on teaching Paul Holmgren the meaning of the word "goaltender" and why they are necessary in the game of hockey?

Will Jeff Carter be a Flyer and if so, will he be competing with ths Sleaze Crew for how to get the most questionable characters on the show?

Will we see Michelle Trachtenberg? Or will Prusty, Boyle, Del Zotto, and whoever else chooses to join them find others who are attracted to the HBO cameras in New York City.

If Marty Biron goes into the interview room, how much time will the editors have to spend on each segment and will there be room on the cutting room floor when they're done? Will Marty be mic'd up during games just in case there's a shootout so we can find out what he says?  Personally, Marty Biron might be the part I'm most excited about.

Will the NHL make sure that the Pens and Caps are both featured so that they can say Crosby and Ovechkin more?  Of course we will remember the Rangers destroying both teams last year and being the best guest stars on the show.

Will we get to watch Torts blow up at Brooks?

Since its run by the league, will we get to watch Aves' on ice verbal antics or will we be forced to watch the cameras avoid him?

Will people outside of NY learn the amazingness of Ryan McDonagh and Michael Sauer?

Which team gets the happy story and music and who gets the sadness and dark lighting?

Which unknown player will barely be featured then be the star of the Winter Classic game?

Will Captain Cally have a chance to show everyone why we love him so much?

Will Brad Richards make any appearances on the show?

Will Brandon Prust be in pain from his beastly actions? Will we get to see him argue with Torts after it's reported that he is "a game time decision but probably won't play." Of course, he'll play and maybe even score a shorthanded goal after Boyle blocks a shot with some part of his massive body?

Speaking of blocked shots...will we get to see the bruises likely covering 90% of Dan Girardi's body?

Will the record be set straight that Girardi is Cally's #1 bromate NOT Dubi? (Dubi has said in interviews that EC is his best friend on the team)

Will Marian Gaborik show up for 24/7?

Will we be wasted if during each episode we play the "Staals are brothers" drinking game although Marc is the only one featured?

Will Hank blame himself for every loss even if the other 18 guys don't show up?

Will Chris Pronger steal the WC winning puck?

Will I manage to find my way in front of an HBO camera at MSG?

As the NHL would say...questions will become answers