Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rangers v. Canes 10/29/2010

My Personal Highlights

1. Again - Ryan Callahan is a beast and should be wearing a C on his jersey.

2. Marc Staal scored to show up his brother (who had 2 assists, so it's iffy if this was successful)

3. The defense is weak...except Girardi, he seems to be showing up more and more every game...maybe that's why he's +6 on the season

4. I like Del Zotto, I do...but maybe a night off will do him good...which leads to

5. Being benched might be one of the best things to happen to DStep all season -- kid's been off at every home game, but I noticed a huge difference tonight: he was winning face offs, making plays, and had a few shots on goal.

6. In the end, I think we lost because Ward was on the top of his game....

7. and the refs were inconsistent with their calls.

My Favorite Things I Tweeted:
  • Marc and Eric are both starting #staalsarebrothers
  • Seriously did people boo Rozi? He played better than Staal the other night
  • Nice use of the body, favorite! (AN: Favorite = Callahan, words are interchangeable)
  • That's how you show your brother who's best!
  • Dubi Dubi Doo. And top line does it again
  • The Russian kid can hit!
  • Does Dancin Larry own Ranger gear other than that Graves jersey?
  • I wonder what would have happened if the Rangers showed up for the 1st period        

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