Monday, November 22, 2010

My Thoughts on Henrik Lundqvist

Hank is an elite goaltender.  Yes, he has struggled a little so far this season and we have an excellent back up goaltender who has been solid for us.  Let Hank take a couple of days to practice.  Remember the last time that Marty had two starts in a row? Hank came back against the Pens and made some ridiculous saves.  Since we have Marty, why not use him to let Hank get some time off?

For the past few years, the only thing keeping the Rangers out of the basement has been Henrik Lundqvist.  This year, the guys in front of him are actually doing their part as well.  The season is only 25% over and we're above .500, so cut the guy some slack.

I'm so fucking sick of all of the fans talking about how he's not that great of a goalie.  Give the guy a fucking break, he's been the backbone of the team for years.  Yes, he's been struggling a little bit, but do me a favor and shut the fuck up.

Tonight, we play the Flames...I get it, Iginla's been on a hot streak and they beat the Hawks 7-2 the other night. I watched parts of that game.  The Hawks defense played like shit on Friday night...if Marc and Danny play their games the way they have been for the majority of the season, then they can help Marty out with Iginla.  Sauer and Eminger have also been solid with both their bodies and their intelligent play. Plus, Marty is a SOLID GOALIE.

Wednesday, we're in Tampa. Against Steve Stamkos. Against arguably the best player in the NHL at the moment...against they guy who has been described as having ridiculous accuracy and finding the back of the net with most of his shots.  Along with Stamkos, they have Marty St. Louis who is both a playmaker and a goal scorer.  I'd rather see Hank being fresh and at his best against Tampa Bay.

This has been a rant. If you don't like it, I don't give a shit.

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