Monday, November 29, 2010

Rangers v. Preds 11/27/10

Losing a game because of a bad bounce would have sucked.  Danny showed his exhaustion in the inability to stop that puck before Wilson put it over Hank.  After two periods of relatively boring hockey, I was thrilled to see Cally score the tying goal.  He really is a beast and the heart and soul of the team, add the clutch goals and it just makes him that much more amazing.  Even Torts has called him the leader of the to get Drury to willingly give up the C...

Hank once again proved that he is an elite goaltender and one of the best in the league.  While Cally's the heart and soul, Hank is the backbone.  When the guys in front of him play better, he plays better as well...and I hope this continues.

Prusty beating Shane O'Brien was 1. hot and 2. a great fight...Aves got his ass kicked by Jordin Tootoo though (and Tootoo tweeted last night that he was surprised that Aves fought him).

That being said...the way they played against Florida and Nashville won't cut it tonight....Marc and Danny have to be all over Crosby and Malkin...and someone had better be covering Letang.

Short post because there's not much about that game to write about.

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