Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sean Avery for All-Star

I am 100% supportive of the Sean Avery for All-Star campaign. (credit the campaign to Kevin over at The NYR Blog)

Let me explain:
Not a joke as in we're saying it, but not actually voting for him, but a joke as in we want to see the reaction of Gary Bettman if it works.
The All Star Game is a gimmick too...it's a way to bring in money to the NHL and the new format just increases that.  They're televising two NHLers (who we all know will likely be Crosby and Ovechkin) choosing their teams like schoolyard kickball.
So to all of the people saying "Sean Avery is not an All Star" no fucking kidding...no one thinks he is.  The point is to prove that the game is just a joke to get ratings and do you know what gets ratings and media attention? SEAN. AVERY.

Right now, Aves is ranked 27th among forwards.  Not bad for a write in candidate...so do it up.

Yes...I know that the Ranger most deserving of going to the All Star Game is Brandon Dubinsky, and I've been writing him in right next to Aves, but that's not what this campaign is about.

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  1. It'd be even funnier if it was Boogey. I'd also like to see Cal Clutterbuck. Great name and great game.