Friday, November 19, 2010

Pens and Bruins games

I didn't get a chance to update, so I'm going to try to do something quick from memory before tonight's game starts.  I will be combining a few things.

Hank. Seriously, any fan who threw Hank under the bus for the Recchi goal lost a little respect from me.  Did you see him Monday night?  He was absolutely ridiculous.  He makes stops that most goalies dream of making...sure, he lets in a soft goal once in a while, but he's an elite goaltender and one of the best in the world.  I usually am very accepting of other people's opinions, but in this case, if you disagree, don't tell me.

Eminger and Sauer. Wow. That's really all I have to say.  I feel bad for Gilroy because if he doesn't get traded, there will be a permanent imprint of his ass in the press box.

Why wasn't Dubi a star on Monday night?  I know Cally actually put the winning goal in the net, but to me, that doesn't necessarily make him the #1 star of the game.  If not for Dubi, Staal wouldn't have had that tying goal, if not for Dubi's patience and intelligent play, Cally wouldn't have had that perfect shot which he called the easiest goal that he's ever scored.

The 5 on 3. I talked to people about this the other day...yes, they should have shot more, but not from the positions they were in. SHOOTING THE PUCK IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST THING TO DO.  If there are no shooting lanes and their shots would likely be blocked or deflected by the other team, then they should not shoot.  What they should do is move more and try to force the other team to move which will open up lanes.  The players also admitted this.

The return of U MAD? (U MAD = M(arian) A(lex) D(erek) for those of you who don't know).  Maybe this will light a fire under Fro because we all have seen how well Steps plays when he's with Gaby.  If he stays on this line and flourishes more, then maybe more people will understand my DStep for Calder award.  I touched the empty plate next to Tyler Myers' name on the Calder the other day....Steps would look great there. Just saying.

Tyler Seguin. That shot. Wow.  Granted, he shouldn't have been able to get it off, but there was a giveaway to him.

Okay, the game's gonna start -- I napped today, so I might get my update of the Avs game right after this is over.

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