Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome Back, Captain Clutch

I've seen a lot of talk about people who either don't care about Dru coming back or don't want him to come back.  I, like pretty much every Ranger fan, do not like Chris Drury's contract...he makes a lot more money than he's worth.  HOWEVER, he is still the captain.  We may all see Ryan Callahan as the heart, soul, leader, and identity of the team...and all of this is true, but there's more that we, as fans, can't see.  I'm sure if there wasn't something about Dru in the locker room that exuded what the Rangers want to be, then he would be stripped of the C.

Torts even said that he's the captain, of course everyone is welcoming him back.  The Rangers are also currently 29th in the league in faceoffs...cue Chris Drury...he'll take some of the more important faceoffs and maybe get some wins.  Our PK has been pretty solid and he'll add to that, especially against the Pens.  While the two teams are currently very close in PP%, the Pens also get more PPs than the Rangers.

Also, having their captain back is going to give the boys energy.  They're going to want to go out there guns blazing tonight and I think Dru will only help that.  He didn't displace anyone on the team who the fans find important...and Torts said that it would be either White or EC...although tonight it's White, when Boogey's better and we're playing a team with a tough guy, I wouldn't mind if EC starts seeing some time in the press box to make room for someone who is key in the most clutch situations.

So say what you wish, I'm happy about the return of Captain Clutch AS LONG AS the identity of the team does not change.

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