Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rangers v. Blue Jackets 12/11/10

Should I go with the herd and blame Hank?  Marc fell on the rush and lost Nash who somehow got a bad angle shot in the net.  Hank could have hugged the post more? I don't know, I've never been a goalie so I don't know if there's a way to eliminate that.  For an elite goaltender like Hank that should have been an easy save, I assume..but he missed it.  The team tried to rally back and didn't...

As for the rally...why the fuck did Torts put that PP team out in desperation?  Frolov has done shit, Torts has called him out for his bad play, in times of desperation, don't fuck around.  Put out the top PP team, the guys who have scored on the power play.  I'm not blaming the team as much here as I am Torts...he knows who strives under pressure and who has been folding all season.  Had he put the special team that produces out there, they might have been able to tie the game back up.

There were some great shots on goal tonight, each one stopped by Mason.  He dove out of the net to stop some shots.  Dubi, Cally, Steps, Gaby, and Boyle all had some great shots...none got past Mason.

Gilroy is making a case for himself as to why he belongs in the line up. 

I'm not going to say that the team did nothing wrong...but as I've said before, if you say things like "typical crap" and "this team sucks" then you're not a fan and if I follow you on twitter, you'll meet my favorite button...unfollow.  I just don't get it....what does being so down and negative on a team you supposedly support  do for you?  How does hating something you love get out frustration - go punch a fucking wall.

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