Friday, December 10, 2010

Rangers v. Sens 12/9/10

Imagine if they played every game for 60 minutes like it was the 3rd period on the road?  While the 3rd period was still sloppy, it was much better than the first 2....which has become quite the theme.

Now that we've seen that shot from Sauer, I want to see more of it.  He used his PP time better than some of the other guys.  He might have made the biggest mistake on his first PK shift and yeah, from the second he threw the puck we all knew it was going in...but he made up for it and we got the win.

Why can't the Calder be decided based on overall play...the committee most likely is just going to look at the numbers and guys like Logan Couture and Jordan Eberle.  Too bad because Stepan sees the ice better than a lot of veterans.  The kid knows where his linemates are AND where they're going to be.  I guess we can just hope Torts keeps him with Gaby because the two of them work.  He's gotten points in almost every game where he's been on that top line.  As for Feds on that line, I didn't think I would like it...but I did because that trio worked, so way to go Torts?

So glad Dubi finally ended his goal drought...empty netter or not, it still had to feel good.  Did Gonchar get an assist on that?  Also, I was thrilled to see Dubi standing up for his boyfriend after that nasty one hits Cally like that and gets away with it (and of course Cally, being the beast he is, didn't miss a beat).

The 2nd goal for the Sens was such of their guys pushes Marc onto Hank then stays there so they can't get up...yeah...sucked.

Mr. Carrie Underwood's almost goal was pretty damn impressive...crossbar, post, post, out...didn't cross the line at all.  Wow.

As for the "blood flicking" incident...yeah, it's gross and unsanitary, but I don't think it's suspendable.  I saw a lot of comparisons to the Wiz blowjob incident...I think the biggest difference is that Wiz's action was on television and inappropriate for children during a day time game.  I know it doesn't seem like it's that big of a deal, but the NHL was covering their asses from law suits from parents about allowing that kind of behavior.

The two points against Columbus tomorrow are as important as the 2 points against Ottawa were last night.  After Columbus we're playing 4 hot teams - the Caps (though they've had a few bad losses lately), the Pens (in Pittsburgh, draw your own conclusions), the Yotes, and the Flyers.  It's gonna be a difficult week for our boys so let's hope they up their came to consistent hard work.

ETA: I left out my opinion on DZ.  I think that he needed a night in the press box and I've been saying it for a while.  He's had more than one horrible game, sure he's had some good games too...but he's not putting up numbers in any columns except giveaways and losing the zone.  We all know that he's a lot better than that, so hopefully sitting out will light a fire under him.  Gilroy's been good in every game he played and it's sucked that he's spent more time in the press box than on the ice.  I guess that's one positive if Emmy's still hurt tomorrow (which I'm not happy about at all...besides him getting hurt on the play, the way he was taken down should've been a coincidental minor against Foligno), both Gilroy and DZ will be in the line up.

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