Thursday, December 16, 2010

Call Ups

It seems like every fan is saying bring up Zuccarello.  I could not disagree with this more.  I absolutely think that MZA should stay in Hartford.  One week ago Torts said he wasn't ready...the kid JUST started surging in Hartford a couple of weeks ago, that doesn't mean he's suddenly ready for the big leagues. (see Torts' comment here:

There is not a single player in Hartford who can replace the loss of heart on the ice.  No one has Cally's passion and no one gives 110% every minute they are on the ice the way that Ryan Callahan does.  Bringing up someone who needs minutes to grow is only going to hinder the growth of the prospect.

Deny it all you want, but when it comes to talent...Drury and Callahan are very similar.  As much as we all love Cally, even he admits that he's not the most skilled player, it's his heart and passion that make up for it.  Drury can kill penalties, play on the power play, score at clutch moments, block shots, and throw hits.  If he practices on the wing with Artie and Dubi, he can probably develop some chemistry with them too.  I am not saying Dru can replace Cally in any sense, but he has the experience to play the minutes and from what he showed last night, he is ready for the challenge.

If anyone gets called up, it's someone who would not be harmed by playing 4th line minutes.  It would have to be a physical player who can also create offense.  Whoever it is would be playing less than 10 minutes a game.  It would be a WASTE to bring up one of the kids who is trying to grow to make the team full time next year.

One more thing - if MZA does get called up and proves that he's not ready, the entire fanbase is going to turn on him.  More reason for him to stay in Hartford for now.

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