Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rangers v. Pens 12/15/10

Anyone who knows me at all knows where this post will start.

The heart and soul of the team.  The identity of the team.  The one man who personifies everything that the Rangers want to be.  The 2nd leading scorer.  He's now sidelined for about 6 weeks.  I'm sure we've all gotten used to Sam and Joe saying "Callahan looks hurt" and then a few minutes later, Cally's back on the ice blocking shots like a beast and connecting with Dubi on some kind of play where it seems almost impossible that they'd find each other.  Not this time.  Slapshot to the hand, broken bone, out 6 weeks.  This team has to make up for a lot more than Cally's hits, play making, and shot blocking...they have to make up for Cally's heart.  Ironic almost that the real captain comes back from a broken finger just for the "acting captain" to go out with a broken hand.  Is Drury a jinx? Maybe...last time he came back from an injury (and got hurt again) Gabs got hurt too.  Torts looked like he could cry during the postgame, that's how important Ryan Callahan is to this team.

Now onto the game -- it looked like it was going to stay 1-0...they were playing great in their own zone except for a small defense lapse which was more both Marc and Danny buying into a fake shot by Crosby and giving Malkin the opening.

I'm down on Christensen a lot, but this isn't his first time being clutch.  I guess we have some more time with him now that Cally's out for him to prove his worth.  Then Fro...that was a great shot, where's it been all season?  Maybe now he'll keep playing like that last 10 minutes.

Brian Boyle can never be praised enough.  I guess he's my favorite active player now?  He'll never replace Cally as my favorite, but he's just been consistent and hard working.  Apparently he was too tired to try to make a play on his goal, so he shot it...guess it worked. Sexy shot too.  Aside from that....he took so many hits and he covered Crosby and Malkin whenever Staal wasn't right there...he dished out hits when necessary and did whatever he could to stay in the game.

I was not expecting a comeback like that at all and I wish they could play the way they play 3rd period on the road in every period of every game.  Leading the league in road wins and shorthanded goals are two things they should be proud of...get some wins at the Garden, and this team is even more of a contender.

As for the disallowed goal...Hank said he couldn't move because Dupuis was on him...Rozi was there too, so I guess it could be a questionable call...but Hank's been interfered with so many times and the goals have counted that it's bound to be called in his favor eventually.

I was impressed with Drury...he was 2-1 on faceoffs, I believe and he started a 2-on-1 rush on the PK even though Dubi couldn't finish.  I still say Welcome Back, Captain Clutch.

I hope they dedicated that 3rd period and that win to Cally....and that they play that way for the next 6 weeks without him and throughout the season with him.

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