Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rangers v. Sens 12/5/10

I wish people would start selling their tickets for what they feel the team is worth.  Seriously, I would LOVE to get Rangers tickets for under $30 from these people who hate the team so much that they have nothing positive to say about them ever.

Yes, that first period was a mess and they did not show up.  I'm not going to say that they looked like they were trying hard and working hard because that would be a lie.  Hank was there, luckily...without him that first period could have been an absolute disaster.

I understand that they are professional athletes and they are paid to go out there and play the best hockey they possibly can...but that does not make it any easier for them to be under pressure and have guys on them and shoot at the exact perfect angle.  We can make jokes about DZ shooting wide...but that's not what I'm talking about.  I mean when there are players in front of the net and they miss -- I would like to see every fan who bashes them for that get out there and try it themselves.  A lot of the problems tonight were from not elevating the puck on LeClaire...or lifting them too high and having them go over the net.

That kind of leads me to the odd man rushes -- they got a couple of them and some of the shots were nice and on point, but LeClaire covered them and didn't even let a rebound out. 

Being frustrated is one thing...bashing a team you supposedly support is another.

They know what to expect from this team on Thursday, so we can hope they come out with more energy.

Good things? I think that Steps is showing a lot of improvement quarterbacking the PP and Torts agrees with that.  Yeah, he let the shorthanded breakaway get away from him, but first off there should have been a penalty call when Gaby got tripped, then second he's got tripped up chasing him happens.
Sauer is impressing me more every game.  I want to see the player he becomes when he gets more NHL experience.  He's leading the league in +/- for a rookie and is tied with John Carlson of Washington.
Feds seemed to be gaining the offensive zone more than anyone else...that's saying something about the rest of the team.
There were definitely shifts where they had really good, sustained pressure, they just didn't finish.

Also - just a "fun" fact: during pre-season, Chris Kelly scored a hat trick against the Rangers which included both a shorthanded goal and an empty netter.

I think I'm too frustrated with Ranger "fans" to write a legit recap, so I'm gonna stop here.

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