Monday, December 13, 2010

Rangers v. Caps 12/13/10

The people sitting next to me at the Garden last night said "how can a team lose 3-1 to Columbus then come back and do this against the Caps" answer? They played for each other last night.  Hank admitted that he was killing himself over that goal and he needed to prove that he's better than that.  The true fans know that he is (while others still believe that he's not the best goalie because he lets in softies) and last night there were many moments that I thought the shutout would end.  Then the last 2 minutes, the rest of the team didn't care about the blow out, they didn't want more goals, they wanted to give Hank the shutout.  While EC's penalty was stupid (on his part) at the same time, it helped because they didn't have to worry about icing the puck, they could just shoot it and get it away from Hank.

The work in the neutral zone was amongst the most impressive.  The Rangers completely owned the neutral zone, between hits and poke checks, the Caps couldn't hold onto the pucks.  We do have to realize that the Caps were not playing their best game and I have no idea why Varlamov was not pulled 5 minutes into the second.  Artie's and Dubi's goals probably could have been stopped.

I've always referred to Cally as the heart and soul of the team...but he's not the only one anymore.  Brandon Prust plays with so much heart, that every time he scores or his line scores, his smile lights up the entire place.  He loves being out there and being part of that team and there's nothing I'd rather see in a player.

Dubi.  He had a bit of a drought, now he's getting his scoring touch back.  After he took down Ovi (that fight will definitely live on for a while), I texted a friend saying "he needs an assist," but at the same time, I was thinking "oh, they're not gonna score again...they scored 4 times already."  He did it though...2nd career Gordie Howe...but this time he won the fight.

Artie's slump is over.  I love that Russian and it was great to see a goal and assist..whatever Torts said to him on Friday worked and I hope this sticks.

Marc Staal has become something else.  He was attached to Ovi last night, just like he was to Nash for the majority of Saturday night.  He's scored in 3 of the last 4 game, I think? He's worth every cent of that contract he signed this summer.  I just need to buy an A to put on my jersey because I don't think Prospal's getting it back when he returns.

now onto Dru's return...I love our captain, maybe not his contract...but Dru's clutch when he needs to be.  What I don't get is why people are actually questioning who is out of the line up right now...if Boogey's out, obviously Todd White is gone. He's gonna go to Hartford or get shopped...he played more minutes last night than he usually does, so it's possible.  Drury should fit on a line with EC and Fro, but we'll see what Torts does.  If Boyle and Prust get separated though, I'll be PISSED.  Against Pittsburgh AT Pittsburgh, we're going to need Dru on our PK.

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