Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rangers v. Isles 12/3/10

The game was boring. I was drunk and it was still my notes are gonna be short.

First...why is Jon Sim breathing? He touched the King TWICE and no one went after him...remember when Cally had that borderline dirty elbow...he got challenged immediately.  The fight was lame, but Cally prob would have gotten his ass kicked if he tried to throw punches.  But seriously, I was incredibly disappointed that no one beat the shit out of him at least after the 2nd time .

Where the fuck did that Marc Staal slapshot come from?  That was one of the sexiest goals that I have ever seen. Nothing else needs to be said.

The King is now 2nd in shut outs to Tim Thomas and tied with Carey Price...however, it was an "easier" shutout...only 17 saves.  However, 28 games into the season, he has as many shutouts as last year and only had more in 2 seasons (5 in '06-'07 and 10 in '07-'08).  Regardless of his struggles this season, he's still the king.

Brian scored on the empty net. I told him that he scores whenever I get his autograph before the game. He told me to keep it up.

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